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Visitor Policy

Visitors to the middle school must have legitimate business at the school grounds. All visitors are required to report to the main office  with a Driver's License or State ID to sign-in and receive a visitor's pass. Visitors will be escorted to their destinations by security and are not allowed to be without an escort at any time. 

In order to speak to a student, the requestor’s relationship must be established and/or permission granted by (custodial) parent or guardian. The student will be called to the office. 

Parents/guardians who need to meet with administrators, teachers and/or staff are required to contact the administration office for an appointment to meet with school personnel on campus and are required to sign in and receive a visitor’s pass. 

Visitor's Pass needs to be returned to the main office upon departure to be checked out of the visitor's system.

A friend or relative from another school or visiting guests, etc. will not be allowed to “spend the day” with a CKMS student. Due to limited space, and for safety reasons, most assemblies are not open to the public. Please check with the school on whether specific assemblies are open to the general public.