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School Uniforms / Dress Code

Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School ("CKMS") has a mandatory school uniform rule. All
students attending CKMS are required to abide by the school uniform procedures outlined
below - effective the first day of school. Students are to wear their school uniform for the
entire school day, from arrival on campus to departure from campus.
Uniform for School - No uniform may be altered!
1. School uniform shirts provided by the school's selected vendor are available for purchase.
School uniform shirt colors are black for grade 8; green for grade 7; and red for grade 6.
Students are allowed to wear only their current uniform and CKMS team shirts (current
team only). Uniform shirts that have been modified in any way (sewing, cutting, tying,
rolling, rubber-banded, stapling, etc.) are not considered acceptable uniform attire. Shirt
apparel must cover the midriff.
2. Shorts, long pants, skirts, and skorts must cover the buttocks and underwear.
Unacceptable bottoms include baggy oversized pants/shorts, pajama bottoms, and
pants/shorts that are see-through, and spandex shorts (like volleyball shorts).
3. Outerwear such as sweaters, jackets, and sweatshirts with or without hoods are allowed
to be worn over the school uniform shirt. Hoods must be kept down at all times. Flannel
long-sleeved shirts must be unbuttoned. Students must be wearing a school uniform shirt
under their outerwear. Shirts, blouses, or t-shirts (short or long-sleeved) are not outerwear
and cannot be used over a school uniform shirt.
4. All clothing, jewelry, hats, and other accessories must be free of words/graphics that
depict drugs, drug slogans, and/or drug culture. Including words and graphics that depict
individual substances or the possession, distribution, ingestion, manufacture, use, sale, or
delivery, of substances which are prohibited under chapter 329, Hawaii Revised Statutes
and chapter 712, part IV.
5. All hats and sunglasses should be removed during instruction and assemblies/events in
the cafeteria and the play court.
6. Any words or graphics that depict gangs, gang support or gang membership, obscenities,
nude, or partially nude figures are not acceptable. Any other words or graphics which
include expressions that cause others to feel uncomfortable, pressured, threatened,
or in danger because of reasons that include but are not limited to the person's race,
color, national origin, ancestry, sex, including gender identity and expression, religion,
disability, or sexual orientation are not acceptable. Any words and graphics that create an
intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational environment, or interfere with the education
of a student, or otherwise adversely affect the educational opportunity of a student or
students; name-calling, rude gestures, insulting, or teasing another person who feels
humiliated, intimidated, threatened, or embarrassed are similarly prohibited.
7. On school-sanctioned non-uniform days: clothing must cover the midriff, straps of
blouses must be no thinner than 2 finger-widths (or approximately 1 ½ inch wide), and
must not show any cleavage. All other guidelines continue to apply.
Parents are expected to support and monitor their child with the school uniform procedures
Students out of dress code will be given a loaner shirt or shorts in exchange for their
inappropriate apparel. The loaner shirt or shorts is to be worn throughout the school day and
returned at the end of the day in exchange for their inappropriate apparel. Failure to return
the loaner shirt or shorts within 3 days will result in an obligation where the student/parent/
guardian will be billed accordingly and the charges will be added to the student's financial
obligation. This obligation can be met when the uniform is returned.

Continued non-compliance with the school dress code rule may be a violation of Chapter
19 provision(s), and students may be disciplined according to Chapter 19 and School
Disciplinary guidelines. School administrators will have the final decision on school dress
code matters.

A parent or legal guardian may apply for financial assistance in paying for school uniforms
by submitting an application to the School Committee. Requests for assistance may be
presented at any time during the school year. Requests must be submitted annually.
A parent or legal guardian may apply for a uniform waiver request prior to the start of school.
Each request will be taken up by the School Committee and if granted, will be valid to the
end of that school year. If a student enrolls during the year, the parent or legal guardian may
also apply for a uniform waiver request and the School Committee will review such requests
on a case by case basis.

Physical Education students are required to dress in the following uniforms:
1. Tee shirt
2. Shorts (or sweatpants)
3. Shoes and socks: Tennis, running, or similar shoes only. Hiking boots or shoes with
cleats are not allowed.
Students must have a shirt, shorts, and footwear for P.E. class. Any uniform without
proper marking will be placed in the lost and found. Everyone should have a uniform
and should not borrow. A clean uniform is expected every Monday.