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 Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School, built on the Puhi plain, is located just south of Kaua'i Community College and the Kilohana retail area on Kaumuali'i Highway, and southwest of Lihu'e and Kukui Grove Shopping Center.  It is nestled between Mount Ha'upu, the highest point in the Hoary Head mountain range, under the ever-watchful eye of Hinaika (lit., Hina of the uplands) and Ku (lit., Upright), (more commonly called 'Queen Victoria's Profile") to the south, and Kilohana Crater and Mount Wai'ale'ale to the north.
Students in grade 6-8 who live in the Hanama'ulu, Lihu'e, Puhi, Koloa, Omao, and Kalaheo neighborhoods are within the school district serviced.


The mission of CKMS is to provide a positive and accepting environment, which empowers all students in their academic, social, and physical pursuits as well-rounded lifelong learners and productive citizens.


The pueo, the Hawaiian owl, is an endemic species quite different from the barn owl (also seen in Hawai’i). Many centuries ago, the pueo flew to the Hawaiian Islands, perhaps caught up in a violent storm that swept several owls across the Pacific Ocean, and landed them in these isles. Over time, they adapted and physically changed to live in Hawaii, making them distinctly unlike their early ancestors. Often seen in the Puhi grasslands and plains, the pueo was chosen as the school mascot, and like its cousins across the seas, is likened to being wise and all-knowing, and a benevolent guardian of the school and Puhi plains.


E Holomua I Ka Na ‘auao -- “Progress Through Knowledge” 
Always striving, constantly learning, forever improving.


Chiefess Kamakahelei (born 17??, died, circa 1794), was daughter of Ali’i Kane (High Chief) Kaumehe’iwa, and his royal wife Ka’apuwai. Kamakahelei was Ali’i Nui (paramount chiefess) of Kaua’i circa 1778, at the time of Captain Cook’s arrival to Kauai. It is said that she was instrumental in the peaceful treatment of Captain James Cook, the Royal Navy, and the crews of his ships, the HMS Resolution and Discovery, while anchored at Waimea Bay, Kauai, while others of the ‘aha ali’i rank, were more in favor of seizing the ships and cargo.
Also a noted kaula (prophetess), she was the mother of King Kaumuali’i (born circa 1780, died 1824), who later became the last reigning sovereign of an independent Kaua’i and Ni’ihau. Her husband was Ali’i Nui Ka’eokulani, son of King Kekaulike of Maui and of Ho’olau, and granddaughter of the great Ali’i Lonoikamakahiki of Hawai’i Island. 
She was a benevolent woman who peacefully bridged the traditional culture and society of Hawai’i with that of the first foreigners that came to these islands.
E ola hou ka inoa ‘o Kamakahelei... Let the name of Kamakahelei live on...


An effective learning community is student centered. 
A successful middle school is developmentally responsive to the unique intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs of the middle school adolescent. 
Clear goals and high expectations for student achievement through standards-based instruction and learning should guide the development of curriculum and instructional strategies.
The goal of education is to develop caring, responsible, and productive global citizens.
Proficient student achievement is the responsibility of all stakeholders in the learning community: students, parents, community members, school staff, administrators, and teachers.