School Portraits from Aug. 23-26

Herbie's Photography is back to take our school portrait photos for the yearbook. Parents, a letter and an envelope were sent home with your child via their advisory class sharing this information with you. All students are encouraged to take a school portrait photo, regardless of whether they plan to purchase a picture package or not. Picture packages are optional and come with an added fee. It costs nothing though to take your child's photo and we encourage everyone to take their photo when Herbie and his team are here. Mahalo to our social studies department for agreeing to use their class time to take these photos. Grade 6 will take their photos on the first two days, Aug. 23 and 24, and grades 7 and 8 will take their photos on the last two days, Aug. 25 and 26. Attached is the schedule so that students can see the exact date their photos will be taken. 
For the entire four day period, our student uniform requirement will be paused and students can wear clothing of their choice, provided it does not break our dress code found in the student planner on pages 9 and 10. Students who wear clothing that does not fit our dress code will be given school loaner uniforms to wear instead. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the front office for assistance. Mahalo!